Happy Holidays

Year is almost over.  Using my time off from posting pages to get back on track.  A bit of a reset was necessary to get myself a bit more on track.  Especially with the Holidays going on.  Already drawn up one or two pages today, planning to work on another and get started on some inking before long.  Also getting my stuff together to do a table at VTCC and GMCE.  I feel it is time for that to happen and that I could make it worth my while.  Not as keen on volunteering as I once was, especially since the event  is moving to a different town.

Been a busy year.  For the most part, I am pleased with where I am.  There is still some work to be done, but things are going in the right direction.  As I’ve said, I’m giving more thought to making amends, putting things to right, forging a better path.  And where I can, I will.  I’m not about to open old wounds though.  Even if some of those people are following this website–no idea if that’s the case, but it would not surprise me to find they are keeping tabs.

Life in general is fairly fascinating.  As much as I have grown to appreciate peace and calm, there is a thrill in excitement and the unknown.  In addition to some new art supplies I want to experiment with, I have ordered some stuff for home brewing mead.  Looking forward to that.