Hey Look, A Butterfly…

I was thinking about the projects I have in various states of completion today.  I was talking about it yesterday with somebody and felt like I needed to get a better grasp of where those projects are.  Definitely want to focus more on some of the novel projects while the comics are going, but I do need figure out which has the best potential.  Some excerpts might be coming.

Order of the Dragon–Obviously that’s chugging right along, I’m about two thirds of the way through issue three with a pretty good idea of where issue four is at.  The computer issues slowed that down a bit, particularly with getting issue one in some kind of print form.  Debating how best to handle that, a serious desk top setup or a transition to a less digital workflow might happen, but we shall see.

The Brigade–The superhero comic.  Side note on the term “superhero,” I need to look up where the copyright/ownership of that is right now.  Bit of weird thing, but I guess DC/Marvel own some kind of joint copyright on it, which has been somewhat successfully challenged once or twice.  Anyway, I have that plotted out and have begun to draw it when I need a bit of a detox from vampires.

Chlorine and Acid–I keep that in the back of my mind, making a comic about working in a cheese plant.  It was no secret I had a lot of angst towards the end of my time there.  Through a change of scenery and just taking some time to get my head straight (and some alcohol) helped process a lot of that and feel I might be better able to handle that at some point in the near future.  Mostly just making sure that’s a much more cohesive unit in the future.

The Awolnation Novel–I don’t recall if I ever came up with a title for it, but I posted an excerpt or two at one point or another.  Essentially, it was a heavy science fiction novel I outlined and began to write revolving around the thematic influences of Awolnation’s album “Megalithic Symphony”.  Kind of meta, also influenced by Jim Starlin’s work.  About the best way to describe it, I only really began to scratch the surface of what I wanted to do with it.

A Scandal At Olympia–Years ago, I was reading some articles about some fitness stuff and came across a piece about a woman named Amanda Jo Savell.  Long story short, she was a female bodybuilder who was killed by her boyfriend, a steroid dealer.  I read up on that and another similar story and began working on a suspense/mystery revolving around fitness and bodybuilding.  Again, barely scratched the surface.  I think I did finish a draft of it that I hated.  I did find a lot of potential in some of themes at work there though.

Cerebral Syndicate–This was a novel I started toying with when I was on a Tesla kick a few years back.  Kind of a science fiction exploration of how we come up with ideas and process information.  Might have even finished a 17,000 word draft of it, but that felt so quick and thin that I need to go back and revisit a lot of the fundamentals.