Scheduling Update

Trying to detox.  It’s never an easy thing, moving from one job to another and there was… a fair amount of history there.  That last day was a bit tense.  So with that in mind, I intend to try to avoid much discussion of my old job for at least a few weeks.  Means I won’t be doing any Chlorine and Acid until at least September.  Probably a smart plan.  Gives me a chance to get Order of the Dragon in a better place.  Did make Beef Stroganoff again.  At some point I promised myself I wouldn’t make that again until I was done working nights.  Was delicious.

Also going to cut back on Order of Dragon for the next week or two, try to do two pages.  Hopefully be back up to three pages a week by the beginning of September.

Right now I’ve got Youtube going on my PS4 with some Sumi-e tutorials/demonstrations.  It’s a Japanese/Chinese style, ties into the way the teach the characters for writing.  If you are reading the current Hulk comic centered around Jen Walters, a consistent element of the story is her watching cooking video as a coping mechanism to deal with her PTSD.  Nothing so serious with me right now, but I won’t deny that these videos are relaxing.  Usually some lovely woodwind music.  Might experiment with it myself, maybe even do a comic in Sumi-e paints.