New Page Next Wednesday?

That’s the plan.  Start posting pages again on Wednesday.  I’m thinking that I will do Wednesday and Friday for posting new pages?  With the idea to add Mondays when I’ve built up the momentum?  I’m hoping that will work, I’ve done a lot of analysis of my processes and overall set up to hopefully streamline the process.  Optimize my output.  A lot of stupid little things I let get out of control.  So anyway…

Also starting to crank out some more sketch cards.  Should have a good array ready to go by the time the next comic con rolls around.  And I should finish some of the novels I have started.  That would be good… It’s on my list of things to do.  Novels, the Brigade…  Hopefully going to be taking advantage of the upcoming cons and be ready for those.

Little ramble.  Christmas Eve, I go to visit my grandparents.  They are in their nineties and went into a nursing home a few weeks ago.  Her short term memory is almost non-existent–she must have asked me about my beard five or six times, like she was seeing it for the first time.  And he… well, he’s pretty well gone.  Recognizes nothing, paranoid and frustrated.  He ended up in there in part because he was wandering off, saying he had to go home when that’s where he was going from.  Kind of a downer for the Holiday.  Taking it as a reminder though.  Of… so many things.