Vermont Comic Con Recap

I drank Mead.  I missed Mead.  I drank it a few times and college, but forgot how good it was.  Bought some for later.  I guess there’s a local Meadary that was sponsored and got a license to sell at the convention.  It was funny how they initially wanted to only get a license for the area at the top of the stairs, but had to get one for the whole convention center.

But it wasn’t all about the alcohol.  I did six sketch cards for the trading card wall set up in the VTCC JR area.  Last time I checked, four of them had been taken.  Which is good, although I was a bit surprised at which two were left.  Regardless, it went well that my cards were somewhat liked or wanted.

Bought various prints and drawing from people there, hung out at a table or two.  Bought three shirts, had some amusement related to the Ramsay Bolton/Dog Food one I got.  I wore one of my Mouse Guard shirts yesterday and that got a fairly positive response from a few people.  Even got to do a couple of quick sketches for a couple of kids running around with the Artist Alley Jam Poster–Didn’t actually contribute to it, but I figure it would be fun to draw something.

Looking forward to getting back to work on Order of the Dragon.  I gave myself a bit of a semi-planned break, so I’ll be trying to crank out some page art by the end of the week.  I would like to be on a Monday/Friday or Tuesday/Thursday schedule, but I’m trying not to get ahead of myself.