Working On a Novel…

Haven’t done much straight up writing lately, so I pulled out the Science Fiction novel I had been working on.  Basically a “fate of mankind” speculative work I’ve had brewing for awhile, the story follows a young man who is found lost in the desert and is believed to be a messiah by the people that find him.  Kind of a blend of Henlein and Starlin if I had to try to describe it.  Kind of gets into some ideas I’ve stewed over for awhile, kind of the culmination of various musings I’ve had over the years.  Might finish it some day.  Here’s an excerpt where the main character is greeted upon leaving the desert.

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Plans and a Brief Rant

New page is up.  Kind of a bridge page that gets into the meat of the story.  Kind of need those at times.  Wasn’t sure what to do for a ringtone sound effect.  Might update that later.  Not sure yet.

On course to have the first issue printed up by the end of the month.  Got to check out some logistical things first.

So I made the mistake of looking at comments on FB and random twitter posts about George Takei today.  If you haven’t heard, Mister Takei has been accused of sexually assaulting a man back 1981.  I’m not doubting the claim.  Every victim deserves to be believed and given the proper support.  Even 35 years after the event.  And a person’s politics should not even be considered.  Liberal or Conservative, it doesn’t matter.  Roy Moore is just as horrid as people make Takei out to be.  Harvey Weinstein’s misdeeds are not any better or worse than those of Bill O’Reilly.  You want to condemn Bill Clinton but turn around and elect Donald Trump?  And so on.  The double-standards are almost as disgusting as the things these guys did.

Point is, in general we’re all morally bankrupt.  We’re all lousy excuses for people.  Own it.  But don’t go around trying to convince yourself that your beliefs make you better than anyone else.  Religion, politics and sexual orientation have nothing to do with it.  Admit your failings, try to better and help others to do better as well.