I am going to be direct and honest about this.  I won’t be posting pages for a bit as I deal with some of my problems.

I am addicted to porn.  I understand now that it started as a response to anxiety and stress at a bad time in my life.  As much as I struggled to understand the reason for it, that was it.  Dealing with stress and anxiety.  Like any addict, I kept going with it for the highs and the thrills of it.  Even after I got a girlfriend, it continued to be a part of my life.  On some level, the thrills and highs of it were even stronger.

As was the crash after.  I have hated myself for a long time because of this.  Guilt, deception, disappointment and anger have been a part of my life for some time now.  Lying to myself and people I care about.  Like all lies, it came back to haunt me.  Now I might have destroyed one of the most important things in my life.

I am learning more about the process of dealing with this.  I have a lot of trust to rebuild and work to do to make things right again.  Hopefully I will be posting some new comics in the coming weeks as I get back on track.