Creating Options

So every once in awhile I see a post or two about the dire straits of the comics industry.  Comic sales are slumping… Disney and/or Warner Brothers giving serious thought to shutting down Marvel and DC… Inking dying as a profession…  Honey bees dying out…  Just general doom and gloom.

Those loom in the back of my mind as cautions when I pursue my own endeavors.  I want to get some novels going so I’m not reliant on art and comics, which was really more what I went to school for.  Even if the creative endeavors fail, I would like to pursue something involved in the making of fine alcoholic beverages.  Mead preferably, but beer might be more of an option if supplies of honey dwindle while bees struggle.  I’ve always been one to be thinking on plans H, I and J while I’m pursuing plan A.

Part of the reason my page work has been slowing down.  While I’m working on art is a widening capacity, I am also exploring these other options.  Good to have backups.

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