Upgraded Tech

One of the big things I’ve wanted to do lately is more efficiently mobilize my drawing capabilities.  Limit how tied to my laptop I am to creating more finished pieces.  Will probably hold off on page art with the iPad, but have already been doing a fair amount on there already.  The big annoyance at this point has been getting it to connect for AirDrop on regular basis with my MacBook.  The drawing below is something I brought over from my laptop and toyed around with in a drawing program on my laptop, a bit of a fun piece I did of my lady and her two huskies.  Might still do some touch-ups, but like where it went.

Got a number of prints and projects in the works, previews will be on the way as I have them ready.  Hoping that the iPad will help to streamline that process.  Some of those might be held up longer than expected due to factors beyond my control, but we will see.Red_Krista Procreate

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