I Sense a Great Disturbance In The Force

New page is up.  Get another page up later this week then its on to the Brigade.  That should should be a fairly smooth transition.  I will probably start that next week.

Also got my plans set for May the 4th.  I will be participating in an art show in the Fletcher Free Library, hoping to confirm that I am doing a bit of tabling that day.  Primarily planning on some Star Wars themed material, given that it is May the Fourth.

On a related note… New Star Wars Trailer.  Looks awesome, feel like its picking up on the right points from the Last Jedi.  One of the big things that bothered me about the Last Jedi was that it felt like it was setting things up to move beyond what we knew about the Force and move beyond the Jedi and Sith.  Redefine the Force in more complexity.  I’m hoping this one will do that.

Also watched the Netflix Chilling Adventures of Sabrina.  I’m really digging what they’re doing with that series.  Pretty badass stuff.

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