Week Off-kilter

Obviously I did not post a page on Sunday night like I normally do.  I had the page about ready and was going to post it on schedule, but as I was getting ready to meet my girlfriend for some stuff we had planned during the weekend, I found out my grandfather had died.  It wasn’t unexpected.  He was in his mid-nineties and his mind was all but gone.  Broke his hip last week and was in hospice.  Like I said, not unexpected but still a bit of gut punch.

So I am bit behind on pages for the week as a result.  Also trying to get an FCBD story for an anthology done as well as another submission I’m working on.  Kind of playing a bit of catch up, but should be back on track pretty quick.  Probably going to wrap up issue five next week and start the Brigade after.  Only one page this week as a result.

See you Monday.

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