Coming Together

New page is up.  Hopefully we’re back to three pages a week now.  I think I’m far enough ahead on pages to do that again.  Getting the Brigade rolling, got about three weeks worth of pages pencilled out, a week’s worth inked.  So that should be a fairly seamless transition.

Trying to figure out a set up for Patreon right now.  I’m thinking three tiers at the moment.  One will be a daily drawing.  Not really a hard plan as to what that will entail, but there’s an idea floating there.  Two would be a novel excerpt.  I’m thinking of posting various segments of one of the various novels I’m working on.  The third one would be page art.  When I get ready to print out an issue, I like to draw a handful of additional pages, so I was thinking there would be a level for people who want a sneak peek at those.


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