Picking Up The Slack

Hopefully getting to a Monday/Wednesday rotation for awhile.  Already got next week’s pages started, so that’s a step in the right direction.  Once I wrap up issue five, it will be on to the Brigade.  Got a lot of fun ideas for that.  Hopefully there will be some changes soon that better facilitate.

Going to be establishing some print prices soon.  Plan on $5 for the 9×12, $10 for the 11×14 and $15 for the 11×17.  Maybe another $5-10 if people are interested having me set them up with a frame.  Still kind of figuring out the numbers.

Captain Marvel was pretty good, although I do feel like they tried too hard to make Carol Danvers the most important person in the MCU.  Kind of an odd criticism, but I might just still be annoyed that its taken fuck knows how many years for a Black Widow movie.

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