New page is up!  Woo to the woo!

Did a bit of a comic event today, attended the Swap Thing event that some of the local comic scene hosted.  Other than a brief instance of somebody trying to lowball me on a few books, it was an enjoyable experience.  It was a stupid thing where the guy was kind of assuming I didn’t know what my books were worth and trying to take advantage, which was kind of given that some of what I brought was obviously not casual collector stuff and it was a room full of people who were pretty knowledgable about comics.  But other than that bit of nonsense, it was a good experience.

But anyway, there are some event to announce when things are a bit more official.  Tentative plans to participate in a show at local library are underway, more on that when I have the art ready to go.

The Brigade is coming along and will be ready to dive right in when the time comes.  I usually skip a posting or two when I start a new issue, but I think I might be far enough ahead to make that unnecessary.