Turning the Page

Page Eleven is up.  Keeping it going, at least for another week.  Hopefully going to get some stuff done, get back ahead like I would like.  Haven’t been drawing quite as much as I would like.

Regardless of my limited productivity from an art standpoint, I am making progress on getting prints available for sale.  Tangent Delirium Productions has an official Facebook page.    That’s coming along slowly, but I’ve already started to put together a gallery of art for sale.  That’s going to be connected to the Order of the Dragon page, but more overreaching than the Order of the Dragon page.  Also if you direct your attention to the header bar of the website here, there is a link added for prints.  Feel free to peruse at your leisure.

As for actually having prints for sale… still kind of figuring the pricing and availability of it all.  Hopefully going to be looking into some options and how best to do it, but I will be posting some updates on that shortly.

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