Happier With A Belly Full of Mead

Got the new page up.  Building up some momentum.  Happy about that.  Building up a lot of momentum.  Hopefully will have some good news to report soon.

Also got a number of Mead making projects going.  Kind of a fun side project.  I got three batches in various stages right now:

  1. Strawberry Maple: An update on one I did last March.  Kind of trying to tweak that recipe a bit to see what if I can bring it a bit more in line with what I hoped for.
  2. A Caramel Apple Pie Recipe.  Kind of a fun experiment.  See how that comes out in a week or two.
  3. A Honey Roasted Peanut Mead.  Again, a fun experiment.

Thinking about a few others, like a Mango one and a Cranberry one.  Kind of want to keep going with this and see if I can make a fresh batch every weekend.

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