A Little Older… Not That Much Wiser…

So today is my birthday and in anticipation of not being able to post the page later, I will post it now.

So yeah… Thirty-two now… I suppose that’s important.

Krampusnacht is all penciled out and scanned in, which is about as well planned out as I could have hoped for.  Stayed up a bit later than I planned last night to do it, but at least that’s ready to roll.  Just need to ink, letter and post them.  Might even plan on a double post or two if I get far enough ahead.  Still planning on a week or two hiatus to get ahead on some other projects and come back with issue five and issue one of the Brigade as the next big things.  Or at least that’s the plan.  Drawing some Brigade stuff this morning.

An idea I’m toying with is for the Order of the Dragon to shift to more of a short chapter form, where rather than setting up twenty-thirty page issues, I do it as five to ten page chapters.  I’m just think the issue to issue format might not work long term for what I am doing here.

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