Milestone Coming…

Page number 99.  Kind of a big reveal page, also setting up the other big reveals for these pages.  Really starting to give some broad strokes to the history of the Order and how they function.  At some point, I will do a straight up explanation and timeline for the Order so that will be more organized for reference.  I’ve kind of hinted and teased some it here and there, but have yet to establish the hard timeline.

Kind of wanted to be debuting Nosferatu’s new look on page 100, but that’s going to be a couple pages beyond that.  Mostly wanted to keep things in sequence and avoid making more of a mess.  Still.  All according to plan.

So yeah, page 100 will be end of the week.  Woot.

Going to be focusing on getting caught up on issues being printed in hard copy form.  Might be doing some different things in that regard, we’ll see what happens.  And the Brigade.  There will be a brief break to get this stuff caught up, hoping to keep to just one week.  Preferably the week I’m on vacation from work.  That’s partly why I’ve scaled back to two pages a week, hoping to reduce the amount of down time and be back to three a week by the end of the year/early next year.  Hoping to have some event announcements as well.  Some major, some minor.  Thinking there will be some impromptu things as well, but right now my main focus is to maintain consistency and build a following.

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