Down to Two…

Next page is online.  Scared myself, saved it in the wrong folder.

So I made it a real priority to do three pages a week.  I felt that was an important benchmark to hit and overall, I did succeed with it over the past couple of months.  However, I’m realizing given the holidays coming up, potential comic con prep, and just general comic projects, it would probably be a smart decision to post only two pages a week.  I don’t want to drop down to one, but there’s definitely too much going on to do three a week.

So yeah, it will Monday and Friday pages.  For how long?  We’ll see.

Quick rundown of proverbial projects:

  • Getting previous issues in printed form.  Waaaay behind on that.  Got the first issue done, but really should have planned to be more on top of getting these printed up.  Planning on a week or two to focus on getting caught up on that after I finished issue #4.
  • The Brigade.  I really hope to have a full issue of that done early next year, probably going to be printed in time for potential shows.
  • Speaking of Shows, I am intending to do the Catamount Comics and Collectibles Expo on September 14th of next year.  Unless something dramatic happens in the next ten months, that’s booked.  Bouncing back and forth about the Vermont Science Fiction and Fantasy Expo on April 27 and 28 of next year.  That’s more of a matter of coordination with certain people, but I’m still leaning towards doing that.
  • Have been doing a number of more high quality prints for selling at conventions.  Also working on sketch cards and bookmarks.  Basically going to plug away on those as much as possible over the coming weeks and months.
  • Also fighting with some printer issues.  Not really sure what happened.  Hopefully will solve that soon.

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