Something Serious…

Debated censoring the first panel.  I mean, I will censor if I feel there is legit cause, but I often feel like censoring a middle finger like that is… redundant.  If kids see it blurred or blocked out, they’re going to ask about it anyway, so hiding it doesn’t really serve a purpose.  Parents will still have an awkward conversation about it.  Plus, I know for a fact how easy it can be to find worse stuff on the internet.  With that in mind, I will choose not to fuss over one finger in one panel.  If people state objections, I am willing to repost it with the image censored.

Now that disclaimer stuff is out of the way, fun stuff.  Plans are in the works.  I got my first copy of Order of the Dragon Issue One in the mail on Saturday.  It’s spiffy.  Will hopefully have it available for people to acquire themselves in the near future.  Also going to order a handful of copies to have on hand for people.  Just finalizing details on that.  Sketch covers will be a thing as well, just need to get that organized.

That’s the big news to announce, more likely on the way.

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