Here We Go Again

Next page is up.

Waiting on a final check of the printed copy of Order of the Dragon Number One before I make it available for purchase.  The printed edition will have six extra pages and probably available as with a blank sketch cover.  The other twenty-two pages were posted online, but there were some tweaks of the dialog and minor corrections made as well.

Other news, I guess there will be a Science Fiction and Fantasy Expo in April of next year.  Tentatively planning to be tabling, but it was only announced two days ago, so I’m not completely locked in yet.  Have a good number of sketch cards and book marks ready to go already, plus at least one comic to sell at that point.  And there’s at least one print that will be done, I am putting the finishing touches on a recreation of Page one to issue #4 right now.  Here’s a quick preview:


Nosferatu Descent.jpg

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