What’s The Weight of the World Worth To You Kid?

Another day, another page.

Glad I’m keeping up with the Monday-Wednesday-Friday schedule for new pages–though if we’re being technical, its more of a Sunday Night-Tuesday Night-Thursday Night schedule.  Anyway, that schedule seems to be working well, though I am debating whether or not I will be able to keep it up.  Mostly I’m going to have to make sure that when I get going on the Brigade that I pretty far ahead with that.

Updates on other projects… The Brigade is getting closer to ready.  Organized my page art so I’m a bit more able to figure out what I need to get done for printing issues out.  That is becoming a higher priority project.  I think the plan will be that I will draw up new pages for each printed issue, because I need it to be a multiple of four for page count and I want to add some kind of incentive for people to actually buy it.  Will probably add more pages if it gets collected into a full volume.

Once I get that ball rolling, I’m planning on testing the waters for some… pseudo-guerilla signings.  I’m going to have some actually comics, sketch cards, bookmarks and maybe even some prints ready, but I’m hoping to do something where I kind of just hang out at a local coffee shop or something and just put it out there that I’m there and let people wander in.  There’s a local game store that might be an option too.

Basically exploring some options while the whole comic convention scene sorts itself out.  Been picking up a lot of details about the physical and emotional toll that Vermont Comic Con was taking on the organizers.  All in all, it wasn’t all that surprising.  A lot of speculation about other people trying to set up an event of some kind, but those things are still in the early phases I guess.  It has only been a week since the announcement was made after all.

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