A week late with this page.  Some distractions and getting focused on the Brigade.  Debating when that’s actually going to start.  I do need a break from Order of the Dragon, if only to reflect on where that’s gone.  Basically I’m wrapping up the build-up for the next issue in Order of the Dragon, which will conclude the first story arc.  Basically three more pages.  But I also want to make sure I have enough of a head start on the The Brigade…   Hopefully I’ll have that sorted soon.

So today I saw a GoFundMe someone had shared on Facebook.  A friend was sharing it, for this woman I had known back when I was in college.  She’d had health issues back in college–it was already a list then, as I recall–and apparently she has even more now.  Bills are piling up and she’s overwhelmed.   Been thinking about it.  The shit we pass off as living…

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