When In Doubt, Drink a Pilsner…

Another new page.  Little late, but that’s been my pattern of late.  Trying to change that, we’ll see what happens.  I Probably a couple more pages and I’ll take a brief hiatus to get a few more things done.  Got a list.

  • Anthology project:  Not sure what the time table for that is.  Up to the inking phase on that, might try to crank through most of that this weekend.
  • Issue Four:  Want to get back to a point where I’m doing three pages a week.  Hopefully that will be doable.
  • Printing up copies of the earlier issues.  Issue one should have been done by now.  Two should be well underway or done as well.  That’s on me.  Hopefully that will be caught up soon.  Another weekend project.
  • The Brigade: Prep work is almost done on the first issue.  We’ll see where that is later.

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