Had a sick cat for a couple of days.  Number of theories put forth, looks like a bad bag of dry food.  Or at least that’s the popular theory.  Kind of a weird ass game of Russian Roulette trying to figure that out.  Going with the bad kibble though.  Regardless, today’s page is being pushed back a day or two.  Wanted to crank it out tonight, but that is not going to happen.  Sleep, I must.

Big changes coming to the comics.  Got a couple of different projects in the works right now.  More on those when they are closer to being ready to go.

Another Day

New Page is up.  Getting into a big exposition sequence.  Mostly setting up the final issue.  The plan at the moment is to get another two or three pages done in this issue, then a bit of an Order of the Dragon break.  Kind of feeling a strong urge to draw something else for awhile.  Getting some Brigade stuff done, so that will happen soon.  Probably a post in black and white with the idea of doing it in color later?  Or something like that.

Gave some thought to renaming the Order of the Dragon.  I saw recently that in the Daredevil comics at Marvel, they introduced a group that is intended to be the traditional adversary of the Hand.  It is also called the Order of the Dragon and has a somewhat similar origin to what I had in mind.  So… yeah.  My understanding is that there isn’t a legal need for me to do anything, there was an Order of the Dragon historically that actually did exist.  Also, it has been used numerous times in vampire and Dracula lore for the basis of vampire hunting.  So yeah… interesting thought there.  Don’t believe there’s any real need for action here.  Gave some thought to changing the name to avoid annoyance, but think that would create more annoyance.