Non-binary thinking…

In making comics, I think people tend to get hung up on the idea that it is a very binary process.  You write the comic, you draw the comic.

Two steps.

Unfortunately, it is a bit more complicated than that.  Write your story.  Turn that in a script.  Layout that script as an actual page.  Pencil the page.  Ink the page.  Adding the lettering for dialog and sound effects.  Coloring the page.

Reducing it to two steps is just an insult to all involved.

We try to think our lives should be binary.  Male and female, gay and straight, whatever.  Politics is probably the worst.  I recall in the 2016 election, I had a hard time figuring out who to vote for.  For every concern raised about Clinton, I found one equally disconcerting about Trump.  So… Third party candidates?  Gary Johnson was so stoned out of his mind to form a coherent argument about why he should be President and Jill Stein was essentially an out of control ego trip.  That whole election cycle was really a breaking point for me when it came to binary thinking.

Why should we be locked into a neat little box of liberal and conservative?  No one fits into a neat little label like that.  By most traditional schools of thought, I would be described as a liberal.  I don’t think of myself as liberal anymore if only because politics is no longer binary.  I personally describe myself as a common sensist above all else.

I don’t know, this is bit of an idea for a comic, something that’s more slice of life and addressing thoughts or opinions.  Something quick to work on when I need some more filler pages.  not sure where to go with it though.

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