Updates and Independence Day Thoughts

About to go get the grill set up, hoping to get back to the next page and have it ready to go tonight.  Thinking about a lot of things.

Minor update on some comic plans.  I am planning a bit of an extended gap between issues three and four of Order of the Dragon as I will be focusing on another project that might be out around the beginning of September, around the time of VTCC if all goes according to plan.  Lot of moving pieces with that, we’ll see.  Also want to give some attention to the Brigade and try to get this site working more like an anthology than focusing on a single comic.

The other day I was thinking about how I ended up with LMCBW in the first place.  I’ll get to how I got to thinking about that and its relevance in a minute.  We were both working at the cheese plant and there was a fairly active campaign going to get us together.  Regardless of the fact she had a boyfriend at the time.  Given the situation, I didn’t really entertain the idea seriously–despite the interest on my part.  So one day, she tells me she’s going to start a rumor to mess with people.  I was pretty indifferent, “okay, have fun,” whatever.  Next thing you know, I’m hearing she broke up with her boyfriend.  So pressure jumps for me to ask her out, but I’m under the impression she’s just messing with everyone and choose not to act.  So when she asks me out, I was somewhat surprised and when asked why I didn’t do it first, I pointed out, “You did tell me you were going to start a rumor to mess with people and next thing I hear is you’ve broken up with your boyfriend… bit extreme, but who am I to judge how one entertains themselves?” (Paraphrasing because this was like five years ago, but still)

So I tell that story in the sense that it kind of makes a point and it basically sums up that relationship in a lot of ways.  Cause and effect.  You cannot act in a certain way and magically expect your ideal outcome despite the actions taken preventing that outcome.  Kind of a pattern we get into.  Working against our own interests and expecting the outcome to magically work in our favor.

I can see this pattern unfolding on a lot of levels.  While I can–and have at one point or another–list off a dozen examples of LMCBW and I acting in this fashion, I don’t deny seeing it on every level of my life and in the world today.

Being Independence day here in the US of A, I do feel that’s something we need to recognize more than ever.  Choices have consequences.  I do find it important to remember that the Founding Fathers left a lot of work to be done and we will continue to do that work.  In all the decisions we make, we have to be more aware of how we work for and against ourselves.  Be aware of the potential consequences both seen and unseen.

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