Regenerations Are Weird…

New page is up.  Feeling good about it.  Feeling good about a lot of things.  Going to crank through some artwork this weekend, I think.  Maybe also go kayaking and/or do some other stuff and shenanigans.

Finally ditched the bulk of the beard.  It got pretty epic, but the time had come for it to get cut back.  Basically I trimmed down to a state where I could more effectively shave, but I got tired and said this is good.  Admittedly that had been a good forty-five minutes to an hour of trimming.  Been kind of weird dealing with response to it.  I admit I feel weird getting complimented on it, mostly because I am still getting used to it.  So basically a brand new face.  Maybe that’s partly why that scene of the Doctor’s regeneration last Christmas has stuck with me so much.

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