Chugging Along

New page is up, feeling better about my art right now.  I’ve been kind of slacking and hating my art a bit more lately, although going to a comic creators thing the other day did provide a bit of a recharge.  I don’t know.  Just going to try to keep chugging along.

Kind of feeling a certain level of self destruction right now.  Was feeling somewhat optimistic about that Tinder match a week ago, but never heard back after a week or so.  Unmatched and moved on, though I do admit I still hold some curiosity about whether or not that definitely was a real person.  Work has been work like.  Some management changes, coupled with the general increase in responsibility I’ve been handed in recent weeks are leaving me a bit overwhelmed.  I’ve been there a year and I’m kind of amazed that I have any level of seniority or responsibility to my name at this point.  Did get out kayaking, which has helped.

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