Another Page…

Taking a bit more time between pages than I would like.  Weather is too nice, I suppose.  Want to be outside too much.  Plus there’s a lot of beer to can.  Lot of changes going on at work, so I’m riding those out.

Very easily distracted right now.  Probably because it is nice out.  Also got into this habit of trolling fake profiles on Tinder.  There are a lot of those.  Might have backfired on me though.  Woman I matched with the other night looked familiar, really kind of my type too.  Regardless, I was going to treat it like a fake profile.  Then I came across a profile of a friend of hers, somebody I might have actually met once and they have one of the same picture.  Quick search on social media and looks like a real person.  So I’m sitting there thinking, “Well, fuck me gently with a chainsaw.”  What to do?  Gave the Twelfth Doctor’s regeneration to Thirteen another watch.  Just one of the best speeches ever.  From there?  We’ll see.

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