Random Update

Hopefully will have the page up tomorrow night at the latest.  Kind of got distracted by some stuff.

Also still settling into the new structure and routine of my current hours at work.  Part of it is getting used to be in a position of some significant responsibility.  I am the senior man on the second shift, which of kind of automatically means I’m the shift lead.  Not really in any official sense, which I keep reminding people.  So in comparison to the other guys who have been here a month or two at most, I’ve been there eight.  Still something I’m getting used to.  Been more of a distraction than I thought it would be.

Should go see Infinity War this week.  Been putting it off, getting distracted.  Last night it was a Tinder hook up that didn’t happen.  I guess there’s a regular scam where they try to set up with a fake verification service.  Site was pretty sketchy.  No real subtlety in their efforts.  This is Vermont, almost everybody has a friend of a friend here.  If you can’t find them on FB or Instagram, they’re probably not real.

Interesting morning at the gym.  Trained legs.  Killed it, did the whole nine yards.  Usually when it comes to squats and deadlifts I pick one or the other, but lately I’ve been kind of cutting my number of sets on deadlifts back and doing both.  Haven’t crippled myself yet.  Even did ten minutes on the elliptical today, which has a bit of a story.  Biggest thing about cardio is that I need motivation, something to look at.  Enter attractive blond woman.  Seen her around, think she’s checked me out once or twice.  Something I try not speculate on too much.  Anyway, I was covertly checking her out as I did my ten minutes on the elliptical.  Fun times.  So I finish that, stretch and head towards the door.  The girl at the desk looks up as I walk by and goes, “Thanks!  Have a nice day!”  Very over the top.  As I was heading out, I realized the elliptical I was on was on the opposite side of a windowed wall from the desk she was at.  So, for that ten minutes I was on the machine, she had a pretty good view of my ass.  Mostly just laughing about that one.

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