A Leaf on the Wind…

Today’s page is done.  Debated the dialog somewhat.

Not much new going on.  Went for a run this morning.  Felt good, kind of hate running though.  Not my type of cardio.  I do enough running around at work anyway.  Kind of what the kayaking is for anyway.

Going to shave later this week.  The time has come.  It will be interesting.

Progress Report

Getting started on this week’s page as summer draws closer.  Kind of indefinitely sidelined getting the ball rolling on printing various issues of the comics.  There are a number of reasons for this, but mostly I want to make sure I’m pursuing the best options for Order of the Dragon and there are a number of factors still in the air for that.  Killer Rabbit closing was a bit of a kick in the nuts to the whole process, plus there have been some new… shifting dynamics that might change my plan altogether.  Also, I’ve had a real urge to dive into the Brigade.  Regardless, work is being done.

Feeling more of a need to establish a more concrete social life.  The lack of one is becoming as much of a distraction as having one.  I’ve given some thought to hanging out at the local bars, taverns and coffee shops recently, but that’s just not really something I want to do.  I would have to go up to Burlington more often than I do to really get into the crowd I’d like to hang out with more, but that’s more effort than I really want to put into it.  Tinder has presented a couple of intriguing options, but there’s a real stigma there.  Nobody really wants to admit to using Tinder.  I mean, I don’t expect much from it.  I’m a workaholic that spends most of the time on Tinder trolling fake profiles.  I was kind of trolling myself with the woman I mentioned.  Like my ongoing Chewbacca cosplay I got going on is really helping… Admittedly I have grown bored with it and intend to trim it back once I accomplish on last task.