Proper Hydration Is Very Important

Sick all day.  Kind of thinking it had to do with not taking in enough fluids last night and this morning.  Woke up at like 2AM thirsty as hell and struggled to get back to sleep.  Trying to cut down some fat and add some muscular definition as summer draws closer, so it makes a lot of sense.

So yeah, while dehydration was kicking my ass, I mostly just lay in bed and drank tea.  Should have been working on pages or other art.  When I started feeling a bit more functional this afternoon, I began working on a some dating site profiles.  Mostly I’m doing it just to say, “here I’m doing something.”  Been single for awhile and I’m kind of  a workaholic.  When I’m not at work–also working afternoons now, which presents its own challenges–I tend to focus more on working out and making comics.  So I don’t leave myself much time for dating or relationships.  More of a “let’s have another option going and see what happens” type of deal.  Maybe I’ll get lucky and meet that fitness oriented geeky woman I keep hoping to find.

Also debated whether or not to shave the beard soon.  With the exception of trimming around the mustache, I have let it grow since last August.  I will probably shave it before we hit the summer.  I keep saying it will stick around until I get bored or annoyed with it, and I figure it will get annoying about then.  When that day comes… it will be a hard farewell.  Farewell to the Wolf-man.  To the Caveman.  To the Dothraki Warrior.  To Wolverine.  To the Brewmaster.  To the Unibomber.  Gotten some good nicknames out of it at least.

Anyway, hopefully tomorrow I will be refocused and back on task with the comic pages.

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