New Plan?

Going to do one page a week for the time being.  Hopefully going to have it posted midweek?  Trying to take it easy on the laptop while budgeting for some alternatives.  Just trying to keep things rolling at this point, which shouldn’t be impossible.

Also hoping to get issue one cranked out soon.  Been dragging my feet too much on printing that.  Pacing myself should help with that.

The Laptop is Up and Running Again…

Got the computer up and running again.  Never underestimate the effectiveness of an air blaster.  Going to keep pages on hold for a bit.  At least through next week as I want to do some looking into having more back up options.  Due to space constraints, I work primarily off of a Macbook and that has been a longer term plan than I originally intended.  Mostly due to my own laziness and getting distracted more than anything.  So the general idea is to look into iPads/tablets and/or desktop setups.  Both if the budgeting works out in the long term.

Should have a more definite plan in coming days.