What a Long Strange Trip…

New page is up.  As I’ve been hinting, the coming pages will be dealing a lot with the dynamics of character relationships and getting into how they fit together.  I’m going to get into the actual backstory for a lot of what is stated and hinted at later on, but there are a number of character attributes I’m really looking forward to playing around with.

Saw the other day that somebody liked the Facebook page I had set up for Order of the Dragon.  I had set it up initially so it be there and ready to go when I really got rolling with comics.  Then I forgot about it for awhile.  I’ve kind of been caught in this cycle of remembering about it, thinking about doing something with it, then forgetting about it all over again for awhile now.  Basically it’s all shared posts from here and Instagram.  Anyway, I’m thinking I should do more with it now that there are people actually liking it.  Just need to figure out what.

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