Serious Post…

So I just posted the new page.  Fun page really.  The “Dad Skills” reference is getting more into the gender/sexuality dynamics I want to toy with for Nosferatu and Liana.  Will get more into that later.

A completely different topic now.  A month or two ago, I was at a get-together with my mother and sister.  While there, my mother asked my sister about a friend of hers, if she might have gone to school with one of her kids.  A woman by the name of Young.  The name Young caught my attention because I recalled graduating with a Heather Young.  Lovely girl, had a crush on her when I was first coming to terms with having hormones.  Way out of my league, even in Junior High.

Anyway, Heather was this woman’s daughter.  Apparently, they haven’t seen her in ten years.  Haven’t heard from her in seven.  I guess they’ve done the rounds with missing persons reports and Private Investigators.  I just saw on Facebook that her brother posted a plea for help in finding her.

Thanks to television and movies, we’ve got the myriad of possibilities running through our minds in this scenario pretty much automatically.  Hell, at one point I was working on a novel about a kidnapping.  In today’s world… the story we got isn’t necessarily the one I would have written.  It might be worth it to try to write a better one in any way.

I don’t know.  When I draw comics or write anything, I usually just say I’m an idiot with a pencil.  Now I’m just an idiot bumbling through a signal boost.

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