I’m… Ahead of Schedule?

Well kind of…

I got Wednesday’s page completed–although I might upload it on Tuesday just to mess with people–and Friday’s just need some lettering.  Also staying up later than I should working on the lettering for issue one.  First eight pages are “revamped” and with some luck I will have those done in the coming days.  Some unexpected family gatherings threw me off the last couple of weeks.  Last week it was an uncle visiting, this week it was a bit of a “make up” for Christmas when there was flooding up in their area.

Anyway, there will be more news later this week.  Was thinking about dedications and such for when I do start getting those issues out and printed.  The real debate is how serious I will take it.  I don’t know, there might be one or two people I could make some grand gesture to with it, but I do not want to misrepresent the meaning of it.

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