Saturday The 3rd

Going to outline a bit of a plan for today/tomorrow, got a few things I want to work on.

  • First off, Order of the Dragon.  Really got three big projects to do with that one.  Priority one is the first issue, finish the lettering adjustments and get that up to speed.  Mostly just a matter of actually sitting down and getting it done.
  • Then next week’s pages.  Inking and lettering those.  Shouldn’t be too big of a deal, pretty basic exposition pages.  Also should scan and draw in the upcoming pages that aren’t quite ready yet.
  • Issue number four.  The overall outline and script are done, I just need to get it to a point where I’m happy with it.  Hoping to roll into drawing that with some ease.
  • The last big comic thing is the Brigade.  I had drawn out a few pages in an opening story for that, but generally kept it on the shelf for the time being to focus on Order of the Dragon.  Lately I’ve been revisiting some of those early pages, practicing some new angles and perspectives for the sequences.  I would like to draw some more pages in that as a break from Order of the Dragon and preparation to get into other stories.  Also going to involve some sex scenes, which I’m putting a surprising amount of thought into.  At the end of a past relationship I had been looking into a lot of sex stuff–positions, techniques, etc.–that were fairly interesting.  Drawing those scenes will be interesting as I find the positions that really fit the characters and such.
  • Also going to try to make a bit of a strawberry shortcake mead.  I got a recipe in mind, I just need to get some supplies and ingredients.  Somebody posted a recipe that was close to what I had come up with.  Also going to do something with maple.

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