Getting There…

Got the new page is up.  Wanted to get it done early.  Hopefully setting myself up to crank out some pages this weekend.

Still hoping to get issue one printed in some form.  Might take some time off from posting new pages to get that done.  Probably finish issue #3 before I do that.  I think after next page I’ll do a bit of reflection about some of the themes I’m working with.

New Page

New page is up.  Basically this is the first appearance of Beatrice–the character I drew for the Lupercalia drawing at Valentine’s Day–in this segment.  Kind of diving deeper into Isaiah’s role in the story, as well as making some concrete statements about a few of the underlying themes I’ve hinted at.  Primarily about sexuality and gender roles in relation to the overall story.


Should be fun, although I am still debating how much focus to give those themes.  Vampire stories do delve into some of those ideas, so it feels fitting.  I’m just trying to figure how best to approach it.  I’ll write more on these ideas, if only because I do feel there could be a discussion of some benefit there.

Goofing off on Tinder again.  Already getting bored with it again.