One More Page…

Essentially need to pencil out one last page on Issue Numero Uno.  Other than that, its a lot of inking and lettering.  Basically extending fight scenes, the hard part will be the inking.  I’m getting kind of amped up, potentially getting a copy of in the actual pipeline next weekend.  But yeah, Order of the Dragon Issue Number One will be a real thing before long.  I’m pretty pleased with what I got pencilled out, can’t wait to see what it looks like in the final form.

Also worth noting is that issue number two reach its conclusion last week.  Or the week before.  Time is kind of relative, especially on a Saturday night.  Hopefully that will be be a smoother process in getting printed out.  Not sure how many pages I will add to that one.  Adding six on the first issue was more than I intended, but kind of necessary.  Still, trying not to get ahead of myself there.

Also, had a batch of mead finish up today.  When I checked the ABV initially, I read it as 9.0, although having tried I suspect it to be a bit higher than that.  Plus the the pint of Groenfell I bought for reference was about 8.5%.  So I got semi-unintentionally shitfaced for the balk of the evening.

Also can’t help but notice the continued presence of the mystery guests.  Basically when I look at the analytics for this site, there’s always one view from Facebook, usually within minutes of posting something.  Also notice regular views from LinkedIn as well.  With that one it is more of a general “people actually do stuff on LinkedIn?” type of feeling.  Admittedly, I should actually get that FB page a bit more active than the auto-shares.  But LinkedIn?  I didn’t think anybody did anything with that.  I do find it kind of amusing to have these mystery guests.  Regardless, I’m going to figure out some stuff with the FB page.  Kind of set that up on a bit of a whim anyway.

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