Inching Along…

While I’ve been looking into getting an actual comic printed, I’ve observed that they generally prefer page numbers to be multiples of four.  Which is cool.  Adding an epilogue or a page or two to each of the fight scenes was something I had thought about already.  Trouble is I don’t want to be adding an overabundance of pages.

So I’m planning to draw up a lot of these pages I have in mind and get them in and ready to go.  Shouldn’t be too much trouble.  Only one will have any significant dialog.  Mostly sound effects if anything.  We’ll see but I posted 22 pages on the site here for issue one.  From there, I would need to add two or six to reach the proper multiples.  So my thinking is two to four pages in each of the fights will do the trick and should be fairly quick to prepare.  At least that’s the idea.  Getting a firm time table is this weekend’s project.  And a bit of a PR blitz for that.

As is issue three.  That’s underway, hopefully will get that rolling.  Still planning on two pages a week for the foreseeable future.  Trying to avoid doing too much at once.  Started working on a page or two in another comic to do something different and keep my mind fresh, but I definitely don’t want to get distracted.

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