Actually Accomplishing Something?

So I’ve been plugging away at some touch-ups on issue one of Order of the Dragon.  I’m really quite behind on that.  I had a few goals  there.  One, to evaluate what type of market there was for me if I were to table at Green Mountain Comic Expo.  If people were buying it and seemed to express a real interest in the book, I was going to table.  That’s been complicated by a few other factors, which I won’t get into today.

Anyway, I’ve been dragging my feet because there are several artistic issues I’m trying to remedy and I it was slow going to start.  Mostly taking out some airbrush that more distracted than anything, trying to straighten out some anatomic issues… Mostly trying to get it looking its best.  Anyway, I kind of bumbled into a bit of a shortcut that I’m using to get the last few pages up to snuff.  Hopefully that will be a quick process.  It shouldn’t be too complicated, I’m through the hard part.

That and I’m tearing through some sketch cards–been posting some pics on Instagram if you’re up on such things–so I’m right about where I’d like to be.  So if all goes well, I will get in touch with the necessary people to get set up for GMCE and VTCC this weekend.

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