Bit of a Tangent…

I think I touched on this at one point or another, but I’ve thinking over how to address the sexuality of various characters in Order of the Dragon.  Issue three will drop all kinds of direct and indirect implications about that–there might have been one or two in issue two, if you picked up on those good for you–but I’ve debated how overt to be in addressing those topics.  I mean, I don’t want it to be all about one character or another be bisexual or gender neutral or whatever.  If anything, I’m trying to find the right balances of relevance.

I don’t know.  Kind of thinking about this in part because of Valentine’s Day coming up I guess.  I despise the holiday.  It essentially is a marketing gimmick to profit off of the shit you should do everyday if you love someone.  Really the only reason it is there is to replace Lupercalia.  If there is one thing I learned from being single it is to appreciate people.  And do it everyday.


Adding a bit here…

Bit of an extension here, but I was watching this Bill Maher interview with Bari Weiss about the #MeToo movement.  That got me thinking about a number of things.  I really have avoided talking about it for a number of reasons, although I have touched on my thoughts on this in a number of ways with my rants about accountability and LMCBW.

As far as #MeToo and #TimesUp, I do feel it has been an overall positive motion.  The real question is, where does it go from here?  A fair question.  And a tough one.  This is very much the possible rewriting of what constitutes the status quo in our culture.

To continue with my usual themes, we need common sense and accountability.  Clarity and honesty.  What does that mean?  Acknowledge that our interactions are more complicated than ever.  Our whole lives are an open book with social media and the interconnectedness of our lives.

Common sense.  Accountability.  Clarity.  Honesty.  I make no secret that plenty of my own experiences would have gone very differently if people had exercised those more.  And that’s what we need going forward on the parts of all involved.

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