Commercials Interrupted by Football

Kind of amped up after watching the Super Bowl, so I figured I would give an update.  Worked on some art while watching, got most of next week’s Order of the Dragon page done.  Also did some odd side stuff, so that’s good.  Hoping to have all of the next issue drawn in my down time from posting pages so I can hit the ground running with that one.

Was a pretty impressive game.  Not the football fan I once was, but I did watch this one.  Part of me is glad that Tom Brady and the Pats lost.  When they tried the reverse throw back to Brady, my response was, “You idiots.  You guys had a Quarterback who could have made that catch, but you traded him to the 49ers.”  I still haven’t forgiven them for trading Garoppolo.  I have never liked Tom Brady for a number of reasons.  But that’s a rant for another place and time.

Anyway.  I just make a bit of an off topic point.  When I do these little off topic musings, I’m mostly trying to get the ideas into some form other than in my head so I can get back to drawing and writing.  If I put ideas out there, make inferences about anything, it is purely so I can grok the ideas better and hopefully help other people grok those ideas to some extent.  But it is important to make sure that those ideas have evidence and fact to support them.  Speculation is useless when you realize the things our minds are truly capable of comprehending.

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