It Wouldn’t Surprise Me…

Working on page fourteen of Order of the Dragon issue number three.  Rapidly getting into the part of the story where I have a lot going on.  Also getting into a few parts that are going to be trickier art wise.  As much as I feel somewhat intimidated by that, I’m looking forward to continuing to challenge myself.  Did manage to get yesterday’s page done on time, which I’m proud.

Thinking of working on the Brigade a bit, probably starting over with that.  Kind of… figuring out how to make it less Overwatch.  That’s really been why I’ve put off working on that one.  From the initial idea on, the Brigade followed a lot of the basic structures of the backstory to Overwatch.  Plot, character designs, themes… It was getting a bit too close.  So I’m taking a moment to make it a work more of its own.

Bit off topic…

So Friday was a bit of a weird day.  Kind of had to deal with a coworker issue and some technical issues with our case packer.  I started at the Brewery six months ago and I did not really go there with grand ambitions in mind.  While I’ve been big on holding myself accountable, I have not actively sought responsibility or advancement.  However, there’s been some turnover and by default I’ve become a bit more of a senior man.  Again, not necessarily something I actively sought or wanted at this point.  Just kind of happened and I have to deal with it accordingly.

So anyway, I was working with somebody and they pulled a bit of a stunt and it was something I felt I had to pass along to my boss.  One of those “I don’t really want to do this, but kind of have to” kind of things.  So I suppose it is a good thing if only because it forces me to be more… accepting and comfortable in dealing with a variety of situations.

That was the first thing that happened.  Wasn’t all that surprising, more just annoying.

(Shortened this to a general overview, to avoid TMI)

Then I got home and started talking to my mother and I guess there was some speculation about some people I used to know.  I try to avoid speculation on people, especially those I have had a strong connection with.  I try to deal with fact and observation leading to a solid inference.  That’s what I tried to do with anything I’ve written about anyone.  Helps to hold myself accountable for what I say.  So while I won’t deny there was evidence to support the speculation about the people in question, it was nothing I would infer seriously on.  So my response was, “It wouldn’t surprise me.”  I try never to assume anything about anyone and truly grok the idea that the unexpected will always happen.

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