Flexible Scheduling

I’ve kind of come to establish a bit more… flexibility with posting new pages.  As long as I get two pages a week, I think I’ll be pretty happy with things.  Wednesday and Friday are still the soft deadlines though.

Still hoping to have some finality to getting issue one printed this weekend.  Doing some tweaks with the lettering, which will help the process a bit.

Having a lot of weird conversations that really make me question a lot of things.

Might Actually Be Next Weekend?

I feel like I keep saying I’ll have issue one of Order of the Dragon ready to print next weekend.  Over and over again.  Well, I basically have one page to ink and then it’s lettering to my heart’s content, so it might actually be next weekend.  So yeah, matter of days really.  Then it’s drawing another page or two for issue number two and hopefully having that ready to print not long after.  Might even work on a few variant covers for each, depending on the interest.  I think there will be potential for sketch covers as well.  There will be more details when I figure that bit out.

So yeah, things are moving along.  Planning out issue four as I crank out issue number three.  I’ll be glad when I get caught up on the printing stuff, get more efficient and focused.  Streamline the operation.  Got a lot of things to accomplish.