Back on Topic…

After yesterday’s rant, I want to give a brief reorientation post, making sure that I’m staying on track. Accountability really has become a bit of a… pet issue of mine. I do feel it is important to make sure we hold are selves accountable and call out others when they aren’t doing it themselves. If I hold anything against anyone its that not holding yourself accountable.


Next week’s pages in Order of the Dragon are underway, albeit a bit behind. Should be done on time, though I know better than to make guarantees.

Scanning in a couple more pages in issue three right now. Actually one of my favorite scenes from what I’ve done so far. Been lagging a bit on drawing fresh pages, just trying to do too much stuff at once. Thinking about skipping a week once I finish an issue just to get caught up a bit more.

Mostly I’m more focused on getting issue one up to snuff for an actual print form. Working on tweaking some minor bits of art and getting everything on pace with that. A few things with that I just hated and want to revisit, some lettering issues to straighten out… Just getting it up to speed. Really the biggest hold up with setting up for Green Mountain Comic Expo. I want to make sure I have an actual comic ready to go for that.

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