Bit Off Topic…

This is going to be an off topic ranting post. Not as much to do with comics as I try to keep to, but I guess given the accountability and personal responsibility angle of today’s rant, it does fit. Pages are underway, I just need to get this out of my system.

So the government shutdown has happened and we are in hour whatever of it right now. Somebody brought it up this morning and proceeded to blame Democrats right off the bat. How? Republicans control the House, the Senate and believe they control the guy sitting in the White House. FIVE REPUBLICANS VOTED NO ON THIS BILL. Yeah, the Democrats didn’t go along with this, but Donald Drumpf didn’t make it that hard to derail the thing.

How hard is it to take responsibility? Drumpf has been running his mouth all over the place, making a cluster fuck of this. Republicans are coming out and saying they can’t work with him. And this is somehow the fault of the Democrats in the Senate?

No one shoulders all the blame and no one shoulders none. When I was spouting off about exes, I acknowledged my own responsibility. As much as moving into the sister’s house had more to do with her becoming a part owner of the family farm than me, I still agreed to move in there. And as much as I took offense to the idea that moving into that house was supposed to inspire me to do much of anything and still do, I still went along with it. Despite a strong desire to be building a house and a myriad of other things that were hindered by that situation. And so on with the myriad of points I made about her. Do I deny my responsibility for how things ended with her? Fuck no. However, I will not sit here and deny her responsibility.

And this is really the heart of the matter. Everybody carries some responsibility. When you’re in a position of power and control, you cannot deny responsibility. You want things to happen, you need to put the work in as much as anyone else and acknowledge the impact you have. Mister Drumpf, feel free to heed your own tweets about leadership and government shutdowns. You won’t, but feel free to.

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