Quality Control

So I’ve got Wednesday’s Order of the Dragon page nearly ready for lettering.  Friday’s is bit further behind than I would like, but not too badly.  Kind of a splash page, so that should speed things up a bit.  Still, these are a couple of pages I’m having a bit more fun with.  I think I’ll be on schedule with those.  Week after next, when I get to the end of this issue/chapter, I will have introduced the last main character for this story arc.  It will be the male character, who I think I might have mentioned once in story–although I might have cut that bit of dialog.  My plan is to do four issue/chapters, then take a brief break to begin outlining/drawing the next volume, which I need to figure out the length of.  Not getting too far into planning that yet, but it will be of a comparable length and format to what’s going on here.  Might even post a few pages of the Brigade during the interim if that is far enough along.

Finally got around to doing a bit of a quality check on my first batch of mead.  It was alright.  Should have checked it more during the week, but I wanted to make sure I had a bit more gear for testing and sanitizing.  Anyway, I made booze.  Wasn’t perfect, but it definitely was going in the right direction.  The more I tasted it, the more I liked.  Funny how that worked out.

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