January 11 Update

Some thoughts and updates.  Tomorrow’s page is all ready to go.  Pleased with it, the art seems to be advancing in the way I have hoped.  A way I’ve tried to challenge myself is to not rely on narration as much.  Make thing happen in the drawing rather than the dialog and writing.  Going back over some previous pages as I get them ready to print into a hard copy of issue one, I do see a solid progression to where things are today.

Anyway, the next page is all set and next week’s already in progress.  Starting to finalize some plans, need to get a few things organized.  Put in for the time off to do GMCE and VTCC.  Wanted to do the Horror convention that the same people are putting on, but that the same weekend as NYCC.  Some thought on that one, I think.  Things are going the right direction.  Looking forward to accomplishing a number of things in the near future.

Those would be good to do.  I would love to be establishing a following on a more interactive level.  I mean, I am developing a regular following.  I just rather have more interaction to it.  More than the passively bored speculation about whether or not the Facebook mystery guest is an ex.  That’s kind of the bad rom com storyline, I admit.  It alleviates some boredom.

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